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What happened if it rains?

                   Rain in Cabo is not common, but If there is any chance of rain on your wedding day, we will definitely

                   have a plan B.



Planning a wedding can be a full time job. From researching vendors, taking care of the details, and coming up with creative ideas to make your celebration amazing, a planner will save you hours of legwork. A professional keeps you updated, makes detailed itineraries for all involved, including other vendors, and assures you that everything will happen on time and on schedule. They will flawlessly execute your event, also since you are having a Destination Wedding think that are your vacation and your time to relax and spend time with your family. A local Wedding Planner have built  relationships with vendors in all categories and is bilingual, so it will be easier to communicate with your vendors through your Wedding Planner plus vendors want to work with these planners because they know the event is going to run smoothly. And just in case, a planner is educated in handling situations that involve any unforeseen or emergency circumstances relating to your event, they know nearby hospitals, local taxi, etc.

Why do I need a Wedding Planner?

We know that having a Destination Wedding can bring you some questions but here are the most Frequent Asked Questions from our clients.

Can I find good quality and professional vendors in Cabo?


Los Cabos is a top notch Weddings destination and receive world-class groups for Wedding and Corporate Events, some of our vendors are even hired by clients elsewhere in the world.

When is the best season to have a Wedding in Cabo?


                  The weather in Cabo is almost perfect most of the year but we have a season in which there is more                     chance of rain between August, September and early October, which are also the warmer months.

Is my Wedding valid if I get married in Los Cabos?

We do have Civil Weddings, the Legal Ceremony is recognized as legal through the World, this ceremony has to be in Spanish with a simultaneous translation in English, this can be compared to a ceremony performed by the Justice of Peace in USA or Canada, the requirements for this Ceremony are:


  • Copy of Birth Certificate (Bride and Groom)

  • Copy of Passport (Bride and Groom)

  • ID Copy of 4 witnesses ( two for the Bride and 2 for the  Groom)

  • Copy of immigration permission (upon arrival)

  • Blood test (done  at least 48 hours before the Wedding)

*Copy of Divorce Certificate if it’s the case.


If you decide to get married in your town you can also choose a Symbolic Ceremony, this is a Non Denominational Ceremony and don’t change your marital status, this Ceremony can be customized and you can participate on the creation of your ceremony, including readings, vows, poems, etc. you don’t need any special requirement for this Ceremony. You also can have both Legal and Symbolic Ceremony here in Cabo.

We also have a Rabbi in town if you are planning a Jewish Ceremony, and we will be happy to put you in contact with him during the planning, also Catholic Ceremonies can be performed in Cabo only on the Church.




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